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About speciality MST

New speciality is opened "201900 Microsystems engineering"

A new speciality "201900 Microsystem engineering" (registration number 23 tex\dc) is opened in accordance with the authorized order of the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation on 02.03.2000 № 686 "About the statement of the state educational standards of Higher professional education" and authorized on 10.03.2000 by "the State educational standard of Higher professional education. The direction of preparation of graduates of 654100 "Electronics and microelectronics".

Luchinin V.V., Tairov U.M.. To the problem about organization of preparation of engineering staff (specialists) by speciality "Microsystem engineering". № 2, 2000. >>>

Preparation of microsystem engineering specialists in the south of Russia

The Taganrog State Radio Engineering University (till 1992 it was the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute - ТREI) was founded in 1952 and realizes preparation of graduates, bachelors, masters, associate professors (candidates) and professors (doctors of sciences) in the field of electronics, device-building, computer art , radio engineering, communication, management systems, informatics and also for other perspective directions. In 2001 the general reception on the first year of the University made 1450 students for 52 specialities.

The research and development in the field of microelectronics have been conducted since the 50-th years in the TREU. The branch laboratory of microelectronics was organized in the University in 1957. The manufacturing in the ТREU an integrated chip (the first in the country) in 1961 had a large resonance and stimulated the development of work on microelectronics both in higher schools and in industry. For the following years the number of (HIOKR) researches and developments on designing and production technology of various items of microelectronics has been executed in the University and the chips of Series 134, 584, 1029, 1077, 1509, 1515, 1815, 5503 etc. in serial and mass production have been developed and run. The development of a number of semicustom and custom-made SLIS with the use of modern integrated SAD are executed now. The development of it has been conducted since the 70-th and the production of various sensors and transducers of pressure, acceleration, temperature, contents of substances in gases and liquids etc., and also of microsystems on their basis has been run in. In particular, the set of gauges for a plane - amphibian BЕ-200 has been created.

For the period of 1994-2000 there were seven international conferences on the theme "Actual problems of solid-state electronics and microelectronics" on the basis of the University. The section of microsystem engineering has been working in the frame of conference since 1999.

The preparation of the specialists of the direction "Electronics and microelectronics" at the faculty of Electronics and Device-building (FEDB) of the University has been conducted since 1952 (Specialities 200100 and 200300).

The new perspective speciality: 201900 - "Microsystem engineering" (the direction of preparation of the graduates of 654100 - "Electronics and microelectronics") was licensed (the order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation N1840 on 25.04.2001) and opened in 2001\2002 academic year. The first set for the speciality "Microsystem engineering" is 23 students. The reception of the entrants and tutoring are carried out in a base higher school in Taganrog, and also in the TREU institutions in Rostov, Volgodonsk, Ejsk, Nalchik, Nevinnomysk, Pyatigorsk, Georgievsk, Cherkessk, Gelendgik, Tuapse and Elist.Therefore, there is a possibility of preparation of the specialists of microsystem engineering in the scales of all southern regions of Russia.

A curriculum of Speciality 201900 is based on the standard of Direction 654100 and a curriculum developed in St.Petersberg`s SETU (Luchinin V.V., Tairov U.M.. To a problem of organization of preparation of engineering staff by the speciality "Microsystem engineering" // Microsystem engineering, 2000, № 2. P. 3-6).

The curriculum also includes disciplines of the University`s specialization "Gauges and sensory microsystems". While developing the curriculum and programs of educational disciplines the materials of European organizations NEXUS (URL:, EUPRAXIS (URL: and TIMA (URL:, with which the ТREU has communications were also used.

Professor V.G. Zakharevich, Professor B.G.Konoplev, Taganrog State Radio Engineering University (ТSREU).

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